The Burger List

So, since starting this blog I seem to have garnered a bit of a reputation as a burger queen.

I googled the meaning of ‘burger queen’ and Urban Dictionary came back with:

A fat chick, who tries to eat all of your food’. I’d say for me, that’s a pretty accurate description. Pass me the fries.

So, I thought, why not try to document ALL of the tasty buns, baps, patty’s, cheese and burger creations on here? You can take some inspiration for your next burger trip if you like, compare your own opinions or just drool over the photos? I’ll try to keep this as accurate as possible – I’ve drawn as much from my back catalouge that I can remember and I will continue to add as and when I chow on down.

As always – feel free to send me your recommendations, from wherever they may be!

The El Pepito from Los Hermanos 

This bad boy is made up of sugar cured pork belly, chorizo butter, roasted red peppers, roast garlic mayonnaise and paprika onions. If I remember rightly, it was a beauty! Los Hermanos can often be found doing the rounds at various Bristol markets and events.