Rise & Shine with Wake up to Organic!


Everybody loves getting a something for nothing, right? Especially when it’s a free meal – it just tastes that much sweeter! Well, this is exactly what is going to be happening across Bristol next week on 14 June. Various independent Bristol cafes and restaurants are taking part in ‘Wake up to Organic’ – an initiative that aims to highlight and celebrate the benefits of organic food. Free organic breakfasts will be on offer in some of Bristol’s favourite spots, including The Better Food Co. and Arch House Deli to name just a few.

The campaign aims to encourage us all to think about the way we eat, and our choices when it comes to how we shop, in order to benefit our health, wellbeing and the environment. We all know that the best start to the day (and the best way to wake up in the morning!) relies on a great brekkie too!

Now I am not here to preach to the masses about how you should only shop organic and change your food habits completely, and neither is this initiative. With everyone living such hectic lives and where convenience sometimes takes precedence over quality, this campaign is an example of how a few small changes and trying organic could be beneficial. Not only is organic good for animals and the planet, it is also not too bad for us either – full of nutrients and fewer pesticides, it is natural, honest and delicious.

One of the participants, Better Food will be inviting customers to sample some delicious organic breakfast treats. From bitesize organic avocado on toast, topped with local organic egg, to mini pots of organic Bristol-made Bodymatters granola served with yogurt and fermented fruit. As well as tasty treats, participating venues are offering cookery demos, talks from chefs and bloggers, tips for easy and tasty breakfast food swaps and opportunities to meet local producers.

So next Wednesday why not try something new? You may be on your morning commute, or just an early bird – but do pop in to your local cafe and enjoy a healthy, tasty breakfast and wake up to organic.

The Bristol venues taking part in the campaign are listed below – to find out more information, head to www.wakeuptoorganic.co.uk

  • Better Food (all 3 stores will be participating)
  • Matter Wholefoods
  • Scoopaway Health Foods
  • Harvest
  • Bearpit Social
  • Earthbound
  • Wild Oats
  • Folk House Café
  • Arch House Deli
  • Spike Island Café
  • Yeo Valley Canteen

Wake up to organic



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