A Sparkling Wine Surprise – in a can!

So, after what feels like months of hiding, the sun is finally making an appearance with the introduction of spring time, and what a difference it makes! Let’s be honest, who is doing a BBQ this weekend?! It’s finally time to be able to shrug off the heavy jacket, dust off the grill and be able to enjoy these longer, lighter evenings with dinner and drinks outside, in the park, at the beach or sitting on the glorious Bristol harbourside.

If you are anything like me, basking in the sun and enjoying a tipple becomes a regular after work and weekend occurrence when the weather is glorious. Sunshine screams “pass Nat the wine”, so you can imagine my excitement when More Wine approached me and asked if I’d like to try their Sparkling Quello white wine in a can.

Yes, you read that right. This sparkling number comes in a can, and before you scoff, let me tell you a little bit more about it.

More Wine creator Rich Hamblin (an award winning wine buyer and sommelier) started this company because he wanted to sell low intervention, high quality wine, whilst always being mindful of the environment and sustainability. If you do not want to age a wine, then it makes sense to use eco-friendly packaging and removes the need to import glass bottles (the transport costs and packaging prices come down hugely if there is no ‘bottle weight’). All wines stocked are natural, organic and biodynamic; Rich handpicks from small producers who also share his passion in this new approach to wine buying and selling.

The naturally fermented sparkling white wine comes in a slim aluminium can. The wine is naturally fermented from Trebbiano and the rare Pagadebit grapes grown in Emilia-Romagna. The second fermentation to give the wine its sparkle occurs in tank in the same way as some Prosecco, although the sugar content is lower than most Prosecco at 8mg/litre compared to a standard 12mg/litre. The wine is semi-sparkling, which means it has less carbon dioxide than normal ‘sparkling’ and is as natural as it can be.

I found the wine light, crisp, sweet and incredibly quaffable! Put it this way, I got gifted 5 cans which were gone in two days. If you like white wine or prosecco generally, I would imagine you’d also be a fan of this. A slight fizz but much less so than prosecco, it gives little bursts as you drink it and reminded me of a nice chilled white wine spritzer. It is also very versatile, as it would make a great ingredient to any cocktail base or aperitif. I couldn’t help but think this would make the perfect accompaniment to picnics in the park, festivals or over to your mates BBQ because the cans are small and lightweight and so easy to pop in your bag or cool box. They are also easy to dispose of, which is not only great for the environment as they can be recycled but also a lifesaver because how many times have you entertained only to find yourself with 40 glass bottles (empty or half finished) the next morning to clear up with a thumping headache?

If you really are against the idea of the can (dahling), then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from pouring it into a wine glass (just call me Einstein). The can does not affect the quality or purity of the wine in any way and is a great alternative which helps to care for our surroundings in an age where it is so important to be mindful of waste and is important to recycle (ark’ at me preaching, but its true).

So if anyone needs me this weekend, I’ll be topping up my tan whilst holding my can.



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