Time to Swoon as Bristol’s favourite Gelato arrives in Bath

If you needed an excuse to celebrate this weekend, then I am about to hand you one on a plate (or in a cone, or a tub, depending on how you look at it).

Swoon, Bristol’s favourite Gelateria has announced it is to open its second premises in Bath after having had a successful first year. Plans are on track for them to open their doors in early May; serving up signature Italian gelato, with their ten traditional flavours and six monthly changing seasonal ones, as well as a selection of semifreddos.

Swoon’s gelato is freshly made every day on the premises and churned very, very slowly to achieve a rich and creamy texture distinct from that of ice cream with which it is commonly confused. Swoon use nothing but the finest and freshest ingredients, with their milk and cream coming in from Bruton Dairy in Somerset, whilst ingredients such as lemons, pistachio and hazelnuts come directly from Italy.

Swoon is the brainchild of Bruno Forte and Pat Powell, the latest generation in a family of gelato makers going back 120 years.

Co-Founder of Swoon, Bruno Forte, comments:

“We saw Bath as the perfect place to open our second gelateria, a much loved city with plenty to offer in food and culture. We are so happy with our first year in Bristol and can’t wait to get to know the people of Bath and serve them our fresh gelato.

Gelato is enjoyed all year round in Italy – it’s an important and much-loved part of modern café culture. It is fantastic to see how over the past decade the UK has embraced our café culture so passionately and now we hope to see people fall in love with gelato in Bath in the same way”.

With so many delicious flavours on offer you will have to try them all and pick your favourite. The Best combo has got to be my own (the champion of champions) – mango and dark chocolate sorbetto – try it and report back to me! Oh, and did I also mention they serve up gelato cocktails? Don’t mention it.



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