Yurt Lush launches new sustainable Bistro

Bristol favourite Yurt Lush is launching a new evening Bistro service which will run from Wednesday – Saturday; the concept being that they will offer a menu that is sustainable, traceable and affordable which will in turn combat food waste and shine a spotlight on ingredients and cuts of meat that all so often don’t get used, or thrown away all together.

At just £15 for two courses or £18 for three, this is fantastic value for a restaurant that already has a reputation for serving delicious dishes using locally sourced produce and has already secured the highest possible ratings from the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Coupled with the cosy, relaxed and informal atmosphere of the Yurt, it promises to be unique.

Josh Eggleton, Eat Drink Bristol Fashion co-founder, said:

“The whole idea of the Yurt Bistro is to create a really simple menu that relies on locality and seasonality but with a big emphasis on tackling food waste in the restaurant industry. We’ll serve up dishes that chefs would cook at home; no nonsense, straightforward and big on flavour.

“Great food is all about great ingredients, but that doesn’t mean you have to be using prime cuts and very rare and expensive ingredients to create an incredible dish. It’s incredibly wasteful to slaughter an animal just for a few prize cuts because you can do so much with what usually gets thrown away. With the proper care and attention you can cheap cuts taste just as great as the more expensive ones.”

The bistro menu will change weekly to reflect seasonality and availability, with the choice of three starters, three mains and desserts. Brunch and lunch will continue to be served daily, with popular dishes still available, alongside their famous Sunday roasts.

This is an exciting development for Bristol when food waste is such a hot topic and it’s great to see Bristol restaurants tackling this issue head on whilst still not losing sight of great cooking. The Yurt Bistro opens on 8th February.

Advanced bookings please call or text 07582 042090.


Twitter and Facebook @YurtLush

Instagram @eatdrinkbristolfashion




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