Bristol Spirit opens for business!

I’ve got a lot of time for the Espensen Spirit gang – anyone who specialises in selling local, delicious,  one-of-a-kind flavoured alcohol is always going to be a favourite in my eyes. If you haven’t heard the name already, or are unfamiliar with what they are about, check out my previous post (Espensen Spirit Launch) or take a peek at their website to get a feel of what these guys do.

The team have been busy over the last year or so preparing their latest venture and are now nearly ready to launch Bristol Spirit; an exciting new establishment on 86 Whitehall Road, Redfield, which will officially open to the public on 20th January. Offering unique cocktails, drinks and food (Bristol Spirit’s resident cook and manager is Oliver Tidman, previously owner of Mathilda’s Chilli Bar), there will be kitchen takeovers and pop-ups showcasing a range of cuisines and other exciting events taking place such as brunches, pop-ups, kid’s clubs, roasts and fine dining menus.

The launch event is taking place this Saturday (14th January) and promises to be special; ‘The Bowie Brunch’ will include a fantastic menu with Chipotle Shakshuka with avocado flatbreads, and local bacon for the meat eaters. This is followed by French Toast ice cream sandwiches (HELLO?!) with boozy fruit compote, made using Espensen Spirit Gin Genie Blueberry Gin (I know I am a Gin drinker so I am probably biased, but the Gin Genie is truly delicious, you must try it).  DJ Madam Gibbo will be taking to the decks to provide the ultimate Bowie playlist and the event promises to be great fun and something different! Tickets are going quickly but you can buy yours here if this sounds like it is up your street. What with it recently being the Star Man’s 70th birthday, could there be a more fitting tribute?!

From 20th January Bristol Spirit will be open on Thursday and Friday evenings between 6-10pm and Saturdays from 12-3pm. From the beginning of February, the venue will be also be open in the mornings for tea, coffee and cakes to eat in or take away.

Don’t be surprised to see me in there if you decide to pop in, I promise I will save some alcohol for you. Or maybe not.

Bristol Spirit.jpg




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