Soul Fish – Welcome to the Deep South

Fish and chips, it’s a bit of a British institution isn’t it; alongside cups of tea and trips to the pub. I can fondly remember being treated to a fish and chips dinner when I was younger, always on a Friday night with a queue leading out of the door, the smell always so inviting. I’m 28 now and I still get the same excitement about nipping down to the chippy. Although saying that, I get excited about anything to do with food.

If you have not heard of these guys, Soul Fish is an independent fish and chip and soul food cafe situated on the Gloucester Road. All fish served is sustainably sourced, whilst the southern fried chicken is free range and the beef provided by local suppliers. Owner Stuart Seth has 20 years’ worth of experience of cooking in Bristol as well as around the world and is committed to running an ethical establishment; he recycles as much as possible in order to reduce waste and his fryer is the most energy-efficient money can buy.

This is not the only thing that sets Soul Fish apart from your average fish and chips joint. Let me tell you about their food and the new Deep South inspired soul dishes that Stuart has created for their new menu; trust me, you are about to get hungry.

Not only can you find the usual suspects of your battered sausage and both Cod and Haddock (line caught); there are also Calamari Fritos and Battered Halloumi (yes you read that right). Paired with chips of your choice (there are Cajun and Cheesy options). Nat’s tip: order the karma curry sauce, you won’t regret it.

The new menu features beauties such as the Deep Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese; perfect bite-size squares which give just enough of a crunch before you are met with the centre, filled with creamy pasta and cheesy heaven. Dipped in the homemade spiced tomato sauce they are the ultimate in comfort food goals. You can also treat yourself to free range chicken wings made with butter, honey and chilli sauce and if there is one thing I have learned from trying these, it is that if something is dipped in butter, it tastes pretty EPIC. Take your pick from the authentic style Po’ Boys with beef brisket, buttermilk chicken and veggie options or try the New Orleans fried chicken and Cajun chips. If you still want fish and something less calorific then the blackened haddock teamed with the Greek salad is a lighter but still delicious alternative. One of my top picks from the new menu has to be the seasonal Collard Greens with crispy bacon and sherry vinegar dressing, surprising for me to pick some pimped up Kale as a favourite I know, but once you have given these a try I believe you will see what I mean.

You would never guess just from walking past but Soul Fish offers so much more than just your average fish and chips shop. Stuart has taken time to experiment and perfect his new dishes and it shows. He is passionate about his Deep South inspired menu and if you enjoy hearty, home-cooked food then why not give it a go next time you are deciding what takeaway to get? Soul Fish sells alcohol alongside soft drinks so you can always sit in if you prefer and Mondays are gluten-free here.

Just make sure you save room for the deep-fried Oreos…






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