Shredfresh – The Lowdown

As much as I would love to live the life of Kate Moss, spending my time sunning myself on super yachts, sipping on champagne and attending parties, the harsh reality is that every week you will find me in the office – normally wondering how to spend the highlight of my day, which is lunchtime. I tend to use my lunch hour as an opportunity to further explore Bristol’s amazing food offerings, time and distance permitting obviously. (FYI; I would never look like Kate, purely because I love eating for every single second of the day.)

I first heard about Shredfresh over Twitter, after seeing pictures of fellow office-dwellers enjoying noodle broths from the comfort of their desks. Better yet, the food had been delivered to them in time for lunch; it all seemed very appealing now that the weather has taken a turn into dark and depressing.

The premise is simple, make your choice and place your order before 11am to get your lunch delivered by 1pm. There are 5 options to choose from; Chicken or Vegetable Laska, Vietnamese Pho, Tom Yum or the Ramen. All noodle broths are cooked low and slow to ensure maximum nutritional content and the fresh vegetables are added on the day, arriving chilled for you to heat up and enjoy when you are ready. All dishes are gluten-free.

We ordered a Chicken Laska and Ramen (priced at £6.50 which includes delivery) and were delighted when they arrived early at 12.30, just in time for lunch. We were also given small packets of fava beans, green peas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds as a light snack (beware, these are addictive) and some vegetarian brownies (yes please). The noodle pots arrived with instructions on the top as to how to prepare, alongside a pair of chopsticks.

The instructions are simple; inside of your noodle pot at the top there is a smaller bowl of fresh, colourful ingredients including herbs, peppers, radishes, chillies, coriander and a slice of fresh lime (these ingredients may differ depending on what option you choose). Sitting underneath this were the fresh noodles with chicken and broth. Once you have removed the vegetable pot, simply place the noodles and broth in the microwave for a couple of minutes, stirring well once finished and popping the chopsticks inside to fill up with boiling water to the marked line on them. Add the rest of the ingredients from your smaller pot, stir well and you are ready to go.

The end result was one that tasted incredibly flavoursome; the noodles were just right, with a hefty portion of chicken and the added vegetables providing colour and crunch. These noodle pots were just as good as any I have ordered in a restaurant. The portions weren’t scarce and the broth certainly filled both of us up for the rest of the day. I had a read through the leaflet that arrived with the broths and I had not realised just how healthy and beneficial the ‘Power of the Broth’ was. Packed full of nutrients, vitamins and healing qualities for the body.  Win. We had quite a few looks from others in the office canteen as well; it certainly beat the standard lunchtime sandwich.

This is a great idea if you do not have a lot of time on your hands to pop out for lunch as ordering is quick, easy and the delivery saves you any hassle. It is also perfect for a treat as the broths were delicious and something different to the normal lunchtime food options. I am looking forward to trying another flavour already. @eatshredfresh





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